The Broads: Phase 1.5 (W3 & W4)

Week 3: Wednesday 13th, March 2019 This week so far has kept me in terms of Storehouse and continuing to develop the Storehouse website which you can see at and arranging deals on potential freelance projects. While I did want to go to a lecture on landing a creative job at a Design Agency, I […]

The Broads: Phase 1.5 (W1 & W2)

Feedback – Tuesday 26th February 2019 Week 1 of Phase 1.5 Looking forward to this day to get my results for the hand-ins that took place a week earlier of this day I was rather disappointed but at the same time, I achieved a grade that was not worth being too disappointed over. In other […]

Freelance & Work

Below are opportunities and contracts that I have received to deliver work for individuals businesses. Highlighting my external involvement other than working on university projects and working on establishing my name in the industry. October 5th, 2018 Znotes – A past papers website with revision notes for A-Level students & GCSE’s. Live website: Znotes was […]

The Broads: Research & Trips

Thursday, 17th January 2019 Today I had a meeting with Jamie and my colleague Jason to discuss the broads project. We have made a start on the themes we discussed which are as follows: – Landscape Heritage – Cultured Heritage – Ecology/Biodiversity I have done exploration and some research on the landscape of the broads. […]

Games Jam

The games jam took place this week instead of the usual routine of going to Jamie’s classes and working on a new project. It was an interesting week and definitely a change that I felt was needed. It’s something different instead of the routine that we always have and that’s what I liked about this […]

Survey (Part 2)

The 2nd round of the survey has taken place, and I have to say I did manage to obtain more results primarily because I offered an incentive for people’s time. During round 1, I only managed to survey three people. This time I managed to survey seven people. That’s just about more than double than last […]

Week 8 – Tasks

Week 8 Tasks 1) Investigate the notion of ‘inductive’ vs ‘deductive’ data analysis  2) Read  3) Drawing on the above, and/or other methods of analyzing qualitative data, analyze the round 1 Norwich Market user research data. 4) Drawing on your data analysis, develop questions for round 2 of Norwich Market user research activity. Questions should […]

Ethnographic User Research

This was written with consideration of the word-count limit to help me write concisely. What is Ethnographic User Research It’s the study and discovery of users in their natural environment by directly observing them instead of a lab-like environment or a contained world. The goal and mission of this type of research are to understand how […]