A-Z Web Controls


Button: it’s a control that once clicked on, it performs an action.

Radio Button: A control which can be clicked upon to select one option from a number of options. Radio buttons always appear in pairs or larger groups, and only one option in the group can be selected at a time; selecting a new item from the group’s buttons also de-selects the previously selected button.

Check box: A control which can be clicked upon to enable or disable an option. Also called a tick box. The box indicates an “on” or “off” state via a check mark/tick or a cross. Can be shown in an intermediate state (shaded or with a dash) to indicate that various objects in a multiple selection have different values for the property represented by the check box. Multiple check boxes in a group may be selected, in contrast with radio buttons.

Split Button: A control combining a button and a drop-down list with related, secondary actions. This control is useful for exposing closely related items in cases where an obvious default is available and where the individual items can be represented by an image, text, or both.

Cycle Button: A button used to select from a number of options. When you click on it, the next option in the sequence is selected, and so on. A cycle button serves the same purpose as a radio button group but takes a lot less space and is less standardized and less familiar to users.