The End of Year 2

Finishing Year 2…

It is the end of my 2nd year of studying  Interaction Design. I believe I am happy with how much I have learned so far being a student at NUA. I have a great lecturer, Jamie Gledhill, who has been helping and guiding us as students. Time has passed really quick, to be honest, and I haven’t felt it. It felt like a breeze. Time going by really quick doesn’t bother me, because I want to graduate and move into the real world and have a full-time job as a designer. I say this because I have been in education for more than 14 years now. Without a doubt, I will miss the years of being in education, but at the same time, I have desires that cannot be reached not until the future. I have been challenged this year, just like last year, and every year in education. I have grown as a Designer and as a person. Through struggles and various obstacles, I have learned how to overcome difficulties and challenges that try to stop from reaching my goals.

I still have 1 more year go, 3rd year, a year that will be the toughest and challenging for me. I can confidently say that it will be a year where I will struggle the most, but year 1 and 2 have prepared me for what’s coming. I will be writing a dissertation over summer and I will be planning my future and thinking where I want to work and in what country. It will be the year where I believe I will be working my hardest to develop and grow as a Designer and Developer mostly. There will be an FMP, which stands for the final major project where I want to impress people and make/create something that is out of my comfort zone. I have given so much thought to what I want to make for my FMP. I will not be revealing or sharing any details about my FMP not until the appropriate time comes to do so. I don’t know when this is, but all I know when it is the time to make my FMP, that’s when I will be happy to share some information on what’s in my mind.

3rd year is the year where you have to make the most important decisions of your life because what comes after 3rd year, is graduation, nothing else. After graduation, it will be your time to spark in a company and step up your game as a Designer. It will be my time to do what I must do. I will be applying everything I learned at university in my future job. My freelancing experience and the work I have done so far will come in very happy, as I have learned quite a lot so far in regards to how to deal and talk with clients. How to negotiate to price and overcome clients who are hard to deal with. I am looking forward to it, as I am stoked and super excited.

What I have learned this year

  • Collaboration: It’s the first time that I had the opportunity so far in university to collaborate and work with other students in their own fields. I have learned from my mistakes and the things that I should have done. E.g mentioning my opinion of design despite how harsh it may come out unintentionally. I’ve learned how to communicate my ideas and thoughts to people and share ideas with reasonable and meaningful discussions of a project. The Broads Project, this is what this collaboration is about.
  • Time Management: I’ve managed my time better this year, and I am saying this because I have been able to tackle freelance projects and university projects better. What I mean exactly is how I’ve arranged my time to fit everything that I need to do. I’ve written in one of my books what I plan to do in a day and that is how I go through my day. Once the day is over and I’ve gotten through my list, I feel very satisfied and it makes me feel I have been productive instead of wasting my time.
  • Researching: I think I have advanced my researching skills even further. I’ve made mistakes in 1st year, including this year. When I look at this matter from a further perspective, I realize how much I have learned. I know what sources to use and rely on, and how to tell what source is reliable and what isn’t by performing comparisons. Researching for essays and reports is something important to me as well, I don’t think I’m amazing at this just yet, however my capabilities of researching for essays and important writing work has improved. I just feel it and know this.
  • Presenting/Presentations: This is probably the most important one on this list. I have not done or performed presentations a lot in the past, including during the days of my high school life. However, because of 1st year (last year), I have applied what I learned into this year and I do notice I’ve been performing better in speaking and presenting. I’ve been trying my best as well to overcome unexpected issues and technical errors. In the past, I would panic and stress, this year I’ve calmed down more and remained at best to present what I have got and done along with my colleagues. Presenting is definitely something I want to master later in my life and keep improving on.


I am looking forward to the 3rd year and what’s coming. This summer is going to be exciting and busy for me. Interning and work opportunities are in progress, and I will be writing my dissertation which will keep me very busy. I hope that I will be excelling in my field and producing great work. I want to be a Designer that stands out among others, and I know I have flaws and many things to work on that will improve my overall existence as a Designer. Regardless of what I need to work on, I am definitely pleased with my own progress and I want to keep improving myself no matter what. It will be hard, it will be tough, and challenging. But it’s all part of the process in being successful. I will continue to do what I am supposed to do and what need to do. It’s been a great year and I am looking forward for what’s coming.