Games Jam

The games jam took place this week instead of the usual routine of going to Jamie’s classes and working on a new project. It was an interesting week and definitely a change that I felt was needed. It’s something different instead of the routine that we always have and that’s what I liked about this week.

It allowed me to show my skills and share my knowledge of websites & apps with the team that I had to work with. I also felt it allowed me to explore my field more because I did something different, and this time, I designed and wrote the code of a website for a game.

Here is the website that I have coded and designed

During the week a lot of communication, stress, and worries took place and the team members that I worked with struggled and have risen to complete the game successfully despite the bugs. We also used Discord as our main communication system. A lot of companies these days and businesses are using discord because of how effective this platform is. Clear VOIP and it’s easy to message people with emojis and other fun ways of communication.

Unfortunately, since it’s winter, I had to be absent for 2 days of the week because I caught a cold. However, I did not use that an excuse not to work from home and let my team down. Instead, I worked and worked to ensure that the website is completed in time. I did not encounter any challenges while designing and coding the website itself, because I am very comfortable with writing code now (Frontend).

However, the obstacles that I thought were actually challenges were my team members themselves. I say this because I was not able to contribute as much as I could to the game itself because I am no games developer, but a Designer. Using my knowledge of Design and experience I contributed ideas to show they can display the games UI and the menu (interface). They considered my ideas, but they haven’t been executed because of a sudden decision change that took place on Tuesday (2nd day of Games Jam).

Initially, I was aiming to design the UI for the game. Which means the welcome screen with the buttons, and the actual interface of the character while the game is being played. E.g Health bar and mana bar.

But then I thought to myself, we could make ‘us’ different by creating a website, that’s my specialty and it’s what I am good at. So I spoke to my team and told them that they should let me design and develop a website instead. One of my team members went ahead and spoke to George to confirm if I can do this. Good news, yes I can!

Further on, I then began designing the website using Photoshop, because Photoshop has a lot of power in terms of texturing, customizing elements, and other features. My team liked my design very much and so I developed the website by slicing the important elements of the design. E.g custom navigation bar, background, etc..

Slicing means to export the necessary elements as PNGs for web use. As that’s how you export elements from photoshop to be used when developing.

I also did not feel challenged with the timing of completing the website because I believe I managed to perform time management effectively. I noticed this while I was working during the week, it made me think to myself that I actually did improve with my time management abilities. Or it also could be that I am just becoming a better developer and a designer, and therefore I am able to finish work faster.

But anyhow, I enjoyed the week and look forward to more activities in the future. I think activities and events like this are really enjoyable and it’s a great change of environment (projects). I’ve also been told collaborations between courses will be taking place soon, and I am excited for those collaborations as well. It’s always great to communicate your speciality with other courses so we can see each others work and what we do and how we do it.