Survey (Part 2)

The 2nd round of the survey has taken place, and I have to say I did manage to obtain more results primarily because I offered an incentive for people’s time. During round 1, I only managed to survey three people. This time I managed to survey seven people. That’s just about more than double than last […]

Week 8 – Tasks

Week 8 Tasks 1) Investigate the notion of ‘inductive’ vs ‘deductive’ data analysis  2) Read  3) Drawing on the above, and/or other methods of analyzing qualitative data, analyze the round 1 Norwich Market user research data. 4) Drawing on your data analysis, develop questions for round 2 of Norwich Market user research activity. Questions should […]

Ethnographic User Research

This was written with consideration of the word-count limit to help me write concisely. What is Ethnographic User Research It’s the study and discovery of users in their natural environment by directly observing them instead of a lab-like environment or a contained world. The goal and mission of this type of research are to understand how […]

Week 6 – Design

Week 6 Tasks Using prototyping software or HTML/CSS/JS, develop a prototype app or website for a fictitious company in the sector you have been focussing on recently: communications, finance or health. Your prototype could be a landing page, a configurator, a contextual navigation system or any one of the other UI formats you have encountered […]